LN 610

The powerful, modular LN 610 can be used as centralized extraction unit for several extraction points. It is available as STANDARD, A, ZS and ZSA versions and has control electronics to use in automation processes.

Technical data

Additional information

Air volume flow

max. 2000 m³/h

Effective air volume flow

300-1500 m³/h


50/60 Hz

Engine power

3 kW

Sound level

approx. 68 db(A)

Serial interface

25-pin Sub-D

Type of drive

Brushless motor

Product variants

LN 610 Standard

Filter configuration:
Pre-filter mat (M5), particle filter (H13), activated carbon

LN 610 A

Filter configuration:
Pre-filter mat (M5), activated carbon

LN 610 ZS

Filter configuration:
Z+ F9, particle filter (H14)

LN 610 ZSA

Filter configuration:
Z+ F9, particle filter (H14), activated carbon
Air flow rate: 300-1300 m³/h.

LN 610