Unfortunately, error messages on the system cannot be completely ruled out. However, most errors can be rectified with a few simple steps. In order to interpret the error message correctly, we have created an overview of possible error descriptions, their causes and solutions for troubleshooting.
Error description Cause Troubleshooting
1 System does not start, no display on the front foil Power cord not plugged in Plug in power cable
Fuses not inserted or defective Check fuses and replace if necessary
No voltage on the socket used Check fuses
Power switch to Off position Switch on power switch
Incorrect mains voltage Check mains voltage
Three-phase network without neutral Check mains connection
2 Plant does not start, warning signal audible, turbine fault lights up Turbine failure / malfunction Switch off the system and contact the manufacturer or national representative.
Filter saturation indicator lights (green + yellow + red) Filter completely saturated With the aid of the filter status display (depending on the system type), decide which filter must be changed and reorder replacement filters
Fault temperature lights Temperature problem Switch off the system and allow it to cool down. Check ambient temperature and suction hose (clogged, length/cross-section), restart system, if the error occurs again, contact manufacturer or national representative.
3 System does not start, Run/ Standby button flashes Plant is in standby Press the Run/Standby button
Interface incorrectly wired

Attention! Interface partly only optionally available!
Check interface

Pin 7 = +

Pin 8 = -

If there is a bridge between pin 9 and pin 10, the remote control is dominant, switch the system to Run via remote control.
4 System running, yellow warning flashes,
Filter saturation indicator lights up (green + yellow).
Filter partially saturated
(depending on the type of plant, the affected filter is also displayed in yellow).
Green area - filter saturation O.K. Yellow area - reorder replacement filter Red area - filter fully saturated - replace
5 Speed cannot be changed on the system Remote control connected,
Speed control from external (Pin 14,15)

Attention Interface partly only optionally available!
Speed control
from external is dominant before the speed set manually on the device.
6 Speed can be adjusted via the
not change
Speed adjustment on the unit dominant

Attention Interface partly only optionally available!
Speed control
from external is dominant before the speed set manually on the device.
7 No / little suction power,
Filter saturation indicator
shows no
Filter change
Intake line clogged, defective, kinked or not plugged on Clean or replace the suction line
Suction power not set correctly Increase the suction power at the speed controller (front) or remote control.
Motor / control defective Contact country representative
8 System runs unsteadily or vibrates strongly Engine mount defective Replace motor or contact national representative
Impurities on the impeller of the motor Check the filter for leaks, if necessary contact the national representative.