Laser fume extractors

Marking, engraving or cutting – lasers are versatile. But regardless of whether YAG, CO2 or ultrashort pulse lasers are used, they all produce laser fumes. The health-threatening smoke or laser dust contains pollutants that dissolve from the processed material, such as cobalt, nickel or chromium. Laser fumes can damage lungs as well as the respiratory tract and can be carcinogenic. Optimal protection against laser fumes and laser dust is only provided by using filter and extraction systems.

Laserrauch Laser markieren
Laser marking, thermal processing
Laserrauch - Laserschneiden

Laser cutting

Our solutions for you

kompakte Luftfiltration

BF series

Systems of the Basic Filtration, or BF series for short, are small and compact basic units for your start into filter technology.


LN200 series

The modular design of the LN200 series ensures easy adaptation of the filter equipment.

LN600 series

The LN600 series is specifically designed for processes, which requires a powerful turbine and high air performance.


TFS series

The laser fumes extraction system is suitable for extracting fume particles generated by laser during cutting.

Anlage mit geringem Lerm

GL-Desk series

With a small size of area, the GL Desk series also serves as a base for space-saving installation of compact lasers.

Not every system fits to every process.

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Lösungen Lötrauch

Soldering fumes

porzessübersicht Schweißrauch

Welding fumes