Soldering fumes extraction solutions

Soldering fumes contain carcinogenic substances such as cobalt or nickel. Although the toxic heavy metal lead is contained in less fluxes, it is still frequently used, for example, in medical processes. Soldering fume is a health hazard for workers because of the particles in the smoke, especially if the workplace limit value in accordance with TRGS 900 is exceeded. Soldering fume must be extracted to protect employees.
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Wave soldering
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Our soldering fumes extraction solutions

kompakte Luftfiltration

BF series

Systems of the Basic Filtration, or BF series for short, are small and compact basic units for your start into filter technology.


TFS series

The laser smoke extraction system is suitable for extracting smoke particles generated by laser during cutting.

Absaugung von technischem Glas

GL series

As “Green Line”, the GL series stands for particularly environmentally friendly.

LN600 series

The LN600 series is specifically designed for processes, which require a powerful turbine and high air performance.

Not every system fits to every process.

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