Gases - Odors - Vapors

Gases and vapors cause air pollution and health hazards in the workplace. Solvents are used in analog and manual bonding processes, as well as in cleaning parts. While solvents are barely used in bonding processes anymore, it is indispensable in cleaning injection molds, e.g. for removing incrustations. Outgassing and evaporated particles occur in both processes. The vapors during thermal processing of plastics, i.e. plastic injection molding, must be extracted.

Process and emission

Gase Gerüche Dämpfe
Bonding processes – Automation

Outgassing in plastic injection molding

Reinigen mit Lösungsmitteln

Solvent fume extraction

Our air filtration solution for extracting gases, odors, vapors


LN200 series

The LN series’ modular design ensures easy adaptation of the filter equipment.


LN600 series

The LN600 series is specifically designed for processes, which require a powerful turbine and high air performance.

umweltfreundliche Luftfiltration

GL series

As “Green Line”, the GL series stands for particularly environmentally friendly and is noise-reduced.

Absaugkabinette DT-Serie

DT series

The TBH extraction cabinet is specially developed for laboratory and workshop use.