vollautomatische Precoatierung
Fully automatic precoating of a cartridge filter system

Precotech 300

Filter and extraction systems with cleanable filter cartridges are the best solution when high extraction quality is required combined with low maintenance and operating costs. The Precotech 300 precoating system applies the required amount of filter aid for precoating as an additional protective layer to the filter cartridge and can also be integrated into automated processes.

Individual Precotech 300 features

Fully automatic precoating of filter and extraction system
available in 3 operating modes (initial precoat, automatic mode and automatic mode with adcoat)
The Precotech 300 can be used with various filter and extraction systems from the TBH product range.
Easy and safe refilling precoating powder:
Pour the TBH Precofix-200 filter aid into the container up to the marking.

The system for fully automatic precoating

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