We are an owner-managed company based in the Northern Black Forest in Germany. TBH has been committed to environmental protection since 1992. The company is one of the market leaders in filter and extraction technology. In over 80 countries worldwide, the systems provide clean process air. The certified systems are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and flexibility.
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Our company is located in at the edge of the northern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, close to the city of Pforzheim. Heinrich-Hertz-Str. 8 DE-75334 Straubenhardt
TBH Gebäude Straubenhardt

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After 30 years, more than 50 employees work for the company.

TBH extraction systems ensure clean air in the workplace in over 80 countries.

Founding of TBH GbR by Udo Hartmann
1992 Gründung TBH

We started as a sole trader and hired our first employees after only a short time.

1,000 LN100 extraction systems sold
2001 1000 verkaufte LN 100

An important milestone for the then still quite small company TBH.

Construction and move to new company building
2004 Bau neues Firmengebäude

The new company building in Straubenhardt-Conweiler offered more space for company growth.

US market launch
2005 Start USA

TBH had already 30 employees and sold their first filter and extraction system in the US.

ISO 9001 certificate for quality management
2012 ISO 9001 Zertifikat

One year after the first expansion in Conweiler, TBH celebrated its 20th anniversary. They received the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management.

New Managing Director
2016 neue Geschäftsführerin

Solvejg Hartmann took over the family business.

Launching INSPIRE control unit
2016 Einführung Inspire

TBH launched the new control unit Inspire, which simplifies operating the systems due to a clear display with comprehensible symbols.

Founding of TBH North America
2017 Gründung TBH North America

TBH GmbH has had a subsidiary, TBH North America, since 2017.

ISO 14644-1 certificate verifies suitability for clean room
2018 ISO14644-1 Zertifikat Eignung Reinraum

The CCI certifies that the CR-GL 265 filter and extraction system by TBH GmbH is suitable for use in cleanrooms of air purity class up to ISO class 5 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.

Expanding company with new building
2019 Erweiterung Firmengebäude

TBH got more space for storage and production to increase efficiency.

30 years TBH
2022 30 Jahre TBH

After 30 years in business, TBH has more than 50 employees. TBH extraction systems purify process air in workplaces in over 80 countries.

We are certified!

We are certified!

A quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 was introduced and applied for developing, producing and distributing filter and extraction systems with accessories.

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TBH ISO 14001 Zertifikat