Filter cartridge systems

Filter cartridge systems are used for extracting large quantities of dust. In contradiction to saturation filters, a protective layer of precoat powder can be applied to filter cartridges. Harmful particles settle on the precoat layer and are removed from the filter cartridge with compressed air blasts, which increases the service life of the filters. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to advise you and find a filter and extraction system solution adapted to your work process.

Our filter cartridge systems series

Anlage für große Mengen an Staub

FP 150 series

The FP 150 filter cartridge extraction system has a self-cleaning filter cartridge.

leicht entzündliche Stäube

FP 150 ATEX series

Ideal for extracting large quantities of dry and combustible dusts.

industrielle Entstaubung FP200

FP 200 series

The FP 200 is suitable for industrial dust removal.

Absaugung nach ATEX-Richtlinie

FP 200 ATEX series

The system is suitable for extracting highly flammable, explosive dusts.

Anlage für große Menge an Staub

FPV 100 series

A filter cartridge pre-separator extends the service life of a connected extraction system.


Precotech series

Fully automatic precoating for extended service life of a connected extraction system.

Absaugung von Öl und Nebel

OEN series

Systems of OEN series are suitable for extracting oil and emulsion mist.