Your industry solution

Every industry faces different challenges. Our job is to protect you (from laser, soldering and welding fumes as well as gases and emulsion mist). Extracting harmful process air is, according to occupational health and safety regulations such as TRBA100 5.1 (2), TRBA250 3.1.1, 4.2.3 and DGUV Rule 109-002, more important than wearing protective clothing. In Germany, the employer is obliged to comply with the occupational exposure limits defined in TRGS900. Our TBH extraction experts will be glad to support you with this.
Lösung für Feinstaub

Particulate matter

Extraction solutions for particulate matter from laser, soldering, welding fumes and clean rooms

Lösung für Staub und Späne

Dust & Chippings

Extraction solutions for coarse dust and chips as well as oil and emulsion mist

lösüngsmittel absaugung

Gases - Odors - Vapors

Extraction solutions for gases and vapors from bonding processes, injection moulding and cleaning tasks

Absauganlage Dermotologie

Medicine &

Extraction solutions for medical and cosmetic treatments with laser