Welding fumes extraction solutions

Automated welding releases very fine particles, smaller than 1 µm, from the processed surface. For effective welding fume extraction, the welding fume classes (=W classes) must be observed. According to the Technical Rules for the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, the concentration of pollutants generated during welding processes is carcinogenic and thus hazardous to health. Extraction systems such as those in the TFS and LN/GL series are suitable for W3 and have been tested and approved by the Institute for Occupational Safety (IFA) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15012-1 or DIN EN ISO 21904.
Schweißrauch Industrie Roboter
Welding fumes
Automatisiertes Schweißen

Automated welding

Our welding fumes extraction solutions


Precotech series

Fully automatic precoating for extended service life of a connected extraction system.

industrielle Entstaubung FP200

FP 200 series

The FP 200 is suitable for industrial dust removal.


TFS series

Systems of the TFS series are equipped with a large filter area.

LN600 series

The LN600 series is specially designed for processes, which require a powerful turbine and high air performance.

Not every system fits to every process.

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