TBH Health Pro Silence

Your safety is important for us!

The TBH Health Pro Silence is designed for continuous use in surgeries and operating theatres. The unit is quiet. It offers a larger air volume, a larger filter area and more power than the Health Pro and Health Basic series. The HEPA particle filter H14 and the activated carbon filter can be replaced separately. This reduces the cost of replacement filters. The patented In-Line Filter + Hood captures contaminants at source.

Technical data

Additional information

Effective air volume flow

100 – 300 m³/h

Engine power

0.6 kW

Type of drive

Brushless motor

Sound level

approx. 53 db(A)

Product variants

TBH Health Pro Silence

Filter configuration:
HEPA Particle filter H14,
Activated carbon filter,
InLine filter

TBH Health Pro Silence