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Air often harbors health-threatening particles invisible to the naked eye. Workers exposed to laser, welding, or soldering activities risk inhaling these particles, potentially leading to serious illnesses, including cancer. 

TBH North America aims to safeguard workers across all sectors with its specialized filter and extraction systems. Tailored consultations ensure these systems are optimized for each workplace, offering the best protection against hazardous particles.

TBH North America Inc. was founded in 2017.  Vice President Daniel Galyean joined in 2022.

Daniel Galyean

VP of Sales
TBH North America, Inc.

Cell: (256) 426-7850
Office: (256) 667-0730

Danny Galyean

TBH North America, Inc.

Cell: (256) 656-4407
Office: (256) 667-0730

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Particulate matter

Particulate matter is a mixture of solid and liquid micrometer-sized particles.

Dust & Chippings

Endanger health or impede the work process and therefore must be removed.

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Gases - Odors - Vapors

Gases and vapors cause air pollution and health hazards in the workplace.

TBH North America, Inc.

81 County Road 423
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Tel.: +1 (256) 426-7850
Email: daniel.galyean@tbh.eu 

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