swarf machining

Working with metals, such as grinding, turning or milling, generate hazardous dusts, which are carcinogenic and can trigger dangerous explosions. Extracting metal dust is particularly important to protect your health. TBH offers you even more flexibility with mobile extraction technology for metal processing, such as machining of dry metal.

Our extraction systems for swarf machining

Anlage für große Mengen an Staub

FP 150 series

The FP 150 filter cartridge extraction system is equipped with a self-cleaning filter cartridge.


LN200 series

The modular design of the LN series ensures easy adaptation of the filter equipment.


TFS series

The laser smoke extraction system is suitable for extraction of smoke particles generated by laser during cutting.

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More dust & swarf solutions for you

spanende Bearbeitung nass

wet (metal)

Spanende Bearbeitung Kunststoff

dry (plastic)

Hohe Staubmengen

High dust concentration
dry dusts