Particle Limit Measurement

EU guidelines define particle limits in the air

The EU lays down certain guidelines and values ​​that each country must adhere. In doing so, substances are classified according to their hazardous potential. It also defines how high the concentration in the air may be without being harmful to humans. For this reason, compliance with these regulations is important. For this purpose, we need some information, like which and how many particles arise in your processes to which extent.

We measure the amount of particles in your air

We like to determine your concrete values. In our first visit we already clarify your work environment, your machines and applications. We can give you first conclusions about developing particles, and their concentration in the air. Our service technician will come to your production halls by appointment to make these measurements with a particle counter, and determine the dust concentration in the air. 

Different workspaces have different requirements

We also like to ascertain your limit values, which means how high the particle concentration may be before it becomes hazardous for the employees. This depends on the respective applications and processes, but also on your requirements. Almost no particles may be in the air in cleanrooms of ISO class 5 (according to ISO 14644-1: 1999). Furthermore, there are EU directives that define the limit values ​​for the different workspaces. The test environment is scrutinized, possible particle sources are taken into account and the air quality, temperature, humidity and CO2 values ​​are calculated.

The measurement allows us to create the ideal solution for you

This measurement is relevant insofar as it is the only way to define the optimal system for your processes. Due to the number of particles, the size of the room and the respective pollutants generated, it determines the ideal filter or the optimal supplementation of several filters. Make an appointment for your particle limit measurement. Please fill out the contact form, and we will contact you as soon as possible. We define your data, ​​and find the right TBH extraction system for you and your requirements. 

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