Intense System Testing

High quality made in Germany

When we develop new systems, we want to adapt them optimally to your processes. That is the reason communication with you is very important to us. Only if we know what you are doing, we will be able to find the ideal fit to your requirements. We therefore have a special test station with which we can simulate your conditions.

We calibrate the filter individually to your process

If your system indicates malfunctions, we can adjust the conditions for you and thus find the problem more easily. We can therefore determine which pollutants and to what extent they arise in special processes. Thus, we specifically build the systems according to these criteria. The intensive tests allow us to calibrate the filter and extraction systems, so they work effectively and the filters do not saturate too quickly.

For optimal quality

If you send us your system, we will check it for all possible error sources. We have different systems and equipment, such as lasers, which help us to replicate your processes as similar as possible. These tests are not just for submission of faulty systems, but also done for every new product development. This is because we coordinate these with the respective processes and ensure optimal quality.

We test our systems continuously

As we continue to develop our systems, continuous testing is important to make them more stable, and extend their runtime. We want to move forward, and optimize our processes to your requirements. Because only in this way we can deliver consistently high quality, and always remain at the current level of development. For this reason, we test our systems intensively. By simulating different processes with different materials and machines, we are able to observe the performance of the system and adapt it if necessary. 

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