Press release

Minimizing dangers of oil mist

TBH at FMB Süd trade fair for suppliers from February 12 – 13, 2020 in Augsburg, Germany

STRAUBENHARDT – Innovative technologies in mechanical engineering are in the center at FMB Süd trade fair for suppliers in Augsburg, Germany from February 12 – 13, 2020. TBH GmbH from the Black Forest region will present their own filter and extraction systems. They protect employees sufficiently from harmful particles. These emerge for example when fluid cooling lubricants in machining swirl up and are divided into tiny drops. If these particles remain in the air, they will be a severe health hazard to all workers.

Cooling lubricants are used in the metal and plastic processing industry to cool machining processes. The resulting oil mist consists of particles with a diameter of approx. 1µm and can cause irritation in the eyes and respiratory tract. Oil mist and smoke can also contain metallic particles, which are carcinogenic. However, the different compositions of the cooling lubricants make it difficult to define a general and universal exposure limit.

Aluminum and saturation filters in TBH filter and extraction systems ensure effective separation of oil mist liquids and optimized particle saturation at the same time. An additional H13/H14 particle filter enables air to harmlessly return into the workspace. The optional additional molecular sieve (activated carbon/BAC) allows to remove gaseous particles.

Filter and extraction systems do not only protect the employees. The tools’ surfaces are usually wetted in a mixture of mineral or synthetic oils with additives. Chippings and other dirt particles, which arise when processing, remain stuck on oils and spread to the surrounding. That will cause slippery oil films, which are an increased accident hazard especially on floors. Furthermore, the settled oil mist also affects machines and other objects, which can lead to corrosion and thus increased maintenance costs. If the oil mist is not regularly removed, bacteria and mold will emerge from time to time. Fire hazard increases. Using suitable filter and extraction systems avoids these issues.