We fix your systems

Due to frequent use, the system and its individual components wear out over time automatically. Larger and smaller particles can be stuck in different places in the system where they could cause malfunctions. The turbine can become dirty and slow down. These are some possible reasons for considering a repair before the malfunctions could cause further damage to the equipment. 

Call us whenever you have a question 

In general, our filter and extraction systems run without any problems. If there are still discrepancies in your system and you do not know where exactly the issue is, please contact us immediately. Calling us might be the best option. Maybe we can solve some ambiguities already on the phone, since sometimes only small settings or adjustments are to be made. We only need detailed information such as when the problem first occurred or for how long it exists. Then we can make conclusions about the cause.

Before calling us, please make sure you have the following information about your system ready, as we will need them to help you:

☑ serial number + year of construction + type

☑ operating hours

☑ fault description (e.g. what does the display indicate?)

☑ What is connected to the system? Remote control, interface, customer PLC, etc.?

We come by and have a look at your systems

If we cannot solve the problem on the phone, our service technician will be happy to arrange an appointment with you at your factory. Alternatively, you can send the system to us, to the TBH factory. This is recommend, especially for larger systems. If the repair takes longer than one week, you certainly will receive a replacement system for this period. After the repair, the settings should be recalibrated to ensure that the system is still optimally adjusted to your processes. Only this way, we can guarantee its correct functioning. 

Do you want more information?

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