Maintenance Agreement

Expand the service life of your system by checking it regularly

We want our filter and extraction systems to protect you as long as possible. Checking your system at least once a year according to German guidelines, is essential to ensure a constant safe extraction. Support us in supporting you, for the protection of you, your machines and the environment. 

Significant as a prophylaxis

Maintenance is fundamental to every value creating process. Preventive and corrective measures serve the increased safety of the employees due to the ever shorter planning and production cycles. The maintenance works like a prophylaxis. It slows down the process of natural wear, which significantly extends the running time, and guarantees a smooth execution of the production process. Maintenance is the combination of all technical and administrative measurements to extend the runtime of a filter and extraction system.

Service is our top priority

Our TBH service technician checks your system and ensures that these, and all components continue to perform well without interference. Among others, seals can be preserved from porosity. In addition, our service technician controls the turbines on their functionality, and exchanges wearing parts. He checks the individual openings, the correct placement of the attached accessories, the filters and dust containers.  

We perform intense checks on your system

Our TBH service technician assists you in examining the controls, filter elements and seals, as well as taking an air measurement. All measures are documented in a test report. Our service technician checks if all elements are attached tightly to the system, and are securely integrated. After about 600 – 1,000 hours runtime, our service technicians have to replace the turbine, otherwise it shuts off automatically for safety reasons. During operation, do not open the system because the existing voltage can cause an electric shock.

Standardized tests guarantee full functionality 

In the case of changed production processes, adjustments to the system can be made. Maintenance is defined in accordance with DIN 31051: 2003-06. At least once a year, our service technicians should inspect the filter and extraction equipment in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations BRG 121 to define safe and effective performance. The regular visit of our service technician and an annual maintenance guarantees the full functionality of the system until the end of its economic life. Just make an appointment by phone or using the contact form below and find out more about our maintenance service.

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