Almost noiseless extraction ensures no pollutants

Pharmaceutical and chemistry laboratories require absolute purity in order not to contaminate medical products and thereby endanger them. TBH filter and extraction systems provide prevention by extracting harmful particles from the air without residue. It frees the air from dusts of all kinds, as well as gases and vapors, before they can cause health problems for employees. In laboratories, dealing with highly sensitive chemicals focuses on releasing germs and contamination. Our systems even provide the appropriate protection against hazardous substances. The extraction takes place so quietly that it is hardly noticed.

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In laboratories, dealing with highly sensitive chemicals focuses on being free from germs and contamination. TBH systems provide the appropriate protection against hazardous substances by filtrating the air. The extraction takes place so quietly that it is hardly noticed. For use in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology laboratories, especially systems of the CR series are suitable. This was specially developed for the Clean Room. Safety is a top priority in cleanrooms. CR series systems ensure a clean and clean workplace and comply with legal standards and regulations. Additional accessories can complement the safety. By using an additional filter on the exhaust opening, the cleaned air is filtered again before it is expelled.

Features overview

Ideally suitable for laboratories

Contamination-free filter change

  • Different filter cartridges

  • Open air inlet tied or welded by a protective hose

  • Contamination-free filter removal

  • Removal of the filter by prior sealing of the plastic protective film 


Suitable for Hazardous Substances

  • Extract all hazardous materials, mixtures/compositions or products completely and safely.

  • No toxic gases or fumes can leak the system.

  • These systems can extract even easily flammable or explosive materials completely.

  • The filters keep the extracted particles safely, so they cannot leave into the ambient air.


Expand your system

Connection Cable USB

The cable also includes a software which is needed to connect the filter and extraction system to a computer and get all relevant information from the system. It also allows the customer to set certain settings as well as monitor alarm notifications.

Extraction Arm

The extracted air is pulled through the extraction arm and led into the system for getting cleaned by the filters. The extraction arm allows the customer to set up a tip extraction that fits to the application and guarantees a perfect collection of particles.


System Safe is primarily used due to its easy mounting and type-approval for leak tightness class A, B, C, D in accordance with DIN EN 12237 SITAC no. 1358/88. The system is based on factory-assembled double-lip seals made of age-resistant EPDM rubber. The robust seal, on which temperature fluctuations have mininmal impact, creates an airtight connection. 

Hose Set

The hose set includes a suitable hose for your filter and extraction system, and depending on the system and substance to be extracted, e.g. wire hose clamps, nipples or connecting sleeves for correct compression.

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Effective protection
In laboratories

Employees work with the smallest microorganisms, especially in laboratories. Workwear and protective masks should be worn, that these pollutants can not be inhaled. However, these only hold back the larger particles. Smaller ones can pass through the mask. Only a filter and extraction system offers complete protection.

Safety at the highest level
Meets legal requirements

Due to the design of the system with special contamination-free filter change and qualification capability, the CR series is suitable for use in clean room cabins (ISO 14644) and clean rooms (VDA 19 or ISO 16232). It has been tested according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 / EC-GMP guidelines, confirmed by the CCI for use up to ISO class 3.