GL Desk-Series

Environmentally friendly and energy saving

The series was especially developed as a substructure for compact lasers with a max base area of 700 x 700 mm. It allows its space-saving installation and replaces a worktable that otherwise would be necessary. Extensions for larger lasers can be upgraded individually. Adjustments to applications can be made at any time. The GL series stands as "Green Line" for particularly environmentally friendly. The energy-saving and noiseless blowers used are barely noticeable in noise-sensitive environments such as laboratories and offices. It is possible to save up to 65% energy.

Features and functions

Modular attachment, flexible usage and comfortable handling

Energiesparende Absaugung

Energy saving

Particularly quiet and environmentally friendly

  • Low energy costs, environment-friendly

  • Noise-reducing blower

  • Suitable for operation in noise-sensitive environments

  • Energy saving 65%


Captures harmful particles

Pollutants have no chance.

  • Low-contamination dust disposal

  • Molecular sieve against gaseous pollutants

  • Pipes /flexible hose/extraction arm

  • Air return or exhaust air duct

Bedienelemente Absauganlage

Control elements

Easy to understand and use.

  • Change Run / Standby

  • Manual speed control

  • System status display

  • Power setting / hour counter display

  • Temperature / turbine error display

  • Filter status display

More features

Inspiring control

Permanently full control of the system

  • Manual speed control

  • Optical and acoustic display of filter saturation

  • Powerful control electronics

  • Display / message of errors

  • Message memory

  • Parameterization access for activation of special functions

  • Collecting error output


Powerful engine

Electronically commutated engines for full performance and less energy consumption.

  • Wide range input 100 – 240 V

  • Brushless motor

  • Rotor made of permanent magnet

  • Stator of several windings

  • Bridge circuit of MOSFET transistors commutating electromagnets

Simple filter change

Exchange filter easy.

Exchange fast and easy.

  • Uncomplicated

  • Removal through the upper opening of the system

  • Low-contamination dust bag removal


Works efficiently without making much noise

  • barely hearable in working environment

  • energy saving engine

  • only between 53 -55 dB(A)


TBH extraction systems for your processes

Laser technology

Lasers are very versatile. Laser technology can be used to process metals, wood and plastics. Laser fumes and laser dusts are dangerous to human health and therefore have to be extracted. Only a laser fume extraction system protects employees properly from harmful particles in laser dusts and laser fumes. Mobile extraction solutions can be easily moved around and ensure a workplace free from laser fumes.  

Processes for working with vapours/gases

The filtration of gases and vapors is much harder than solid particles. Due to their chemical structure, they can easily go through most filters. In order to extract and filter gases or vapors properly and reliably, special filters are needed.

Product data

Common data, devices and specifications of the series

Base unit for compact lasers

Protection Class 1

Brushless Engine

Fully assembled

4 casters for mobile use

Power cable

Devices and technical data

GL 20

Technical dataUnitGL 20
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsGL 20
Z-Linepanel Plus Filter (F7)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon

GL 30

Technical dataUnitGL 30
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsGL 30
Z-Linepanel Plus Filter (F7)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon


Completing TBH devices easily for even more flexibility