The essentials in a nutshell

Our systems are for your protection. In particular, tiny particles can penetrate deep into the bloodstream when inhaled and trigger serious diseases. We take care of your health, the environment and longer machine running times. Click on the following pictures below to find out the reasons why filter and extraction systems are so important .

Why investing in an extraction system?

It is important to extract harmful particles from the air before they can become health risks. 

What is particulate matter?

Especially the very small so-called PM particles can cause much harm to your health.

Which are the advantages of modular design?

Our filter and extraction systems are built in a modular design. That allows us to fully adapt each one of our system to your processes. 

What is W3?

Read here everything on W3. What does it mean? What does it indicate? For which processes is it important?

What is precoating?

Due to an additional layer on the filter, particles remain on it instead of the filter itself. This has many positive aspescts.

What does ESD stand for?

Electrostatic discharges can cause harm to workers, when they handle machineries and equipments that are not properly grounded.

What is considered as hazardous substances?

Many particles become hazardous after a chemical reaction with other particles. Read here about the dangerous effects. 

What does dust class H indicate?

Read here the reasons why dust class H is important concerning filter and extraction systems.

Which directives/guidelines do the systems comply?

Which standards do TBH filter and extraction systems fulfill? How are they tested, approved and certified?

What does ATEX mean?

Those who work with flammable materials have probably heard of ATEX. But what does it actually contain?

How do PM filters work?

Our particulate matter filters work efficiently in keeping tiniest particles to prevent you from inhaling them.

How much noise is allowed at workplaces?

Working in the industry can be very loud. Every employer is required to protect employees from too much noise. 

What protects against aerosols and laser fumes?

In practices, doctors have to deal with different kind of fumes, e.g. when lasering, that can be dangerous for the human health. 

What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that is very contagious, transmitted via aerosols in exhaust air. The virus caused a pandemic in 2020-2021.