How we get your system into operation

Before a new system is put into operation, our service technicians check it completely, which means all connections, cables and piping. This is necessary to guarantee the stability of the system. Our TBH service technician also examines all filters. It is important that these are new and clean so that they can effectively absorb pollutants.

Calibrating the system

Before every commissioning, it is relevant to calibrate the system optimally for your processes to ensure safe extraction.

Checking power supplies

The correct power supply must be maintained with a voltage of 230 V. Otherwise, please regulate it accordingly. Faulty connections can lead to damage to the system. Keep the detection elements, as well as the filter and extraction system clear so that the air can freely enter and exit again. In case of blockages of the elements or leaky connections to the system, dangerous particles can penetrate back into the workspace.

Checking of filters and parts

Our service technician checks all filters and parts of the system before commissioning. Dirt, for example, caused by transport, can be rubbed off with a cloth. If the system has casters, our technician will check them for mobility. After complete construction, they connect the system to the power grid. It is thus ready for operation.


Final quality control and commissioning

The system starts automatically and it can be controlled via the front display. It has a slight delay when first switched on. Initially, the filters are properly placed in the system. The service technician checks the turbine and firmly connects the individual components using the straps on the outer edge. This keeps the system tight and stable. The technician regulates the speed of the turbine or the blower with the plus and minus buttons (depending on the system).

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