We set up your system entirely

Most of our systems come to you completely assembled, usually on pallets. Our service technicians will be glad to help you with the correct setup of additional accessories such as extraction arms, hoses, etc. This ensures that they are placed tightly to the system, and that they can be used optimally. This is important because otherwise harmful particles could leave into the workspace after extraction.

Get your individual filter and extraction system

We build your system individually according to your wishes. Smaller systems come to you fully assembled. Depending on the process, there are large systems, which we cannot send in a parcel. Due to their sizes, these systems are also not so easy to set up and assemble. In such cases, our service technician will gladly come by and put the system together. He explains all functions and settings to the responsible operating staff afterwards.

Every system gets an intensive quality control

When mounting, ensure that the detection elements are clean and tight. Individual parts could have been contaminated by the transport. When cleaning, make sure not to use any detergents. Because the chemicals used therein, even if they remain in the system in only small quantities after cleaning, can cause damage. Before the system leaves our factory, it is checked intensively on its functionalities. After assembly, another test is essential to ensure a smooth process.

We are always by your side

In the event of any discrepancies with the system or questions regarding its use, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Simply use the contact form below. When you register for our customer area, you will also gain access to your operating and maintenance instructions. In it, you will find all the information about your system. You can go directly to individual chapters by one click, and display the information you want.

Do you want more information?

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