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All information which are relevant to your process

Certainly you have many questions before buying a filter and extraction system. We explain you why it is important, what benefit it brings you and your company, and how we can adjust it to your processes. The modular design of our systems and additional accessories allow us, to adapt our systems even more individually.

First consultation

Different aggregate states of various particles require different filters in order to be optimally absorbed. Gaseous pollutants have other requirements than solid ones due to their chemical states. The filter compositions are therefore important because otherwise the filters would saturate too quickly. In the first consultation, we want to find out what substances you are working with, so we can find the ideal filter and extraction system for you.

We take time for you

For more than 25 years, we offer individual solutions for different processes. Let us help you find exactly the right solution for your needs. Our wide range of products offers the right system for every application. Due to the complex topic, we take a lot of time in an intensive consultation. This is the base for understanding the functional principle of our filter and extraction systems and for intensifying our customer relationship. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Presentation of our systems and accessories

In addition to a detailed consultation, we present you our product range during our scheduled meetings. In addition, we will gladly give you more information about the full range of functions of our system, as well as the associated operating and maintenance instructions. It contains all relevant data on the scope of services, and the correct use of our systems. Different manufacturing processes release various pollutants depending on the processed material. For this reason, we calibrate each system optimally for your desired processes.

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If you have any questions, please contact our service team. Access to the customer area allows you to view all data sheets for your system at any time online and to download them again if required. Arrange your consultation meeting today and get exclusive offers for your first system, expansions and accessories.

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