No chance for corona viruses

The RF-Series eliminates Coronaviruses from the air, so that it cannot settle down and nobody can inhale it. The extraction ensures a safe environment for doctors, patients and the whole medical staff. Only an extraction system by TBH can guarantee clean air, as it filtrates the harmful particles - not only Corona - effetively from the air. Even the filter change is easy to handle.

Features and functions

Modular attachment, flexible usage and comfortable handling

Zertifizierte Absaugung

Approved and certified

Depending on the system, different approvals are required.

DIN EN ISO 14644-1 / EG-GMP Guide,

confirmed by CCI = Contamination Control Instruments


Captures any harmful particles

Pollutants have no chance.

  • Low-contamination dust disposal

  • Molecular sieve against gaseous pollutants

  • Pipes /flexible hose/extraction arm

  • Air return or exhaust air duct

Absauganlage mit Aktivkohlefilter

Double adsorption power

The adsorption of the gaseous substances takes place with activated carbon (physical adsorption) and BAC granulate (chemical adsorption).

Additionally collecting a very wide range of gases and odors - > neutralization by chemical bonding with attached to the substrate reactant.

More features


Assurance in occupational and health safety

  • fulfills protection level for safe extraction and filtering required by TRGS 528 Directive
  • specifically tested by Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) in accordance with DIN ISO 15012-1 (2013) and 15012-4 (2016)
  • meets high safety requirements
  • safely filters smoke, vapours and dusts with particles in micrometer range
  • awarded W3 and DGUV seal
  • listed on "IFA positive list"

Tool-less filter change

Exchange fast and smoothly.

  • Requires no special skills

  • Simple

  • No tools necessary

  • Saves time

Control elements

Easy to understand and use.

  • Change Run / Standby

  • Manual speed control

  • System status display

  • Power setting / hour counter display

  • Temperature / turbine error display

  • Filter status display

Inspiring control

Permanently full control of the system

  • Manual speed control

  • Optical and acoustic display of filter saturation

  • Powerful control electronics

  • Display / message of errors

  • Message memory

  • Parameterization access for activation of special functions

  • Collecting error output


Modular and flexible

Individually combinable to fit to many processes

  • different filters can be combined

  • adaptable to various processes and applications

  • many accessories available for an ideal extraction

Powerful engine

Electronically commutated engines for full performance and less energy consumption.

  • Wide range input 100 – 240 V

  • brushless engine

  • rotor made of permanent magnet

  • stator of several windings

  • bridge circuit of MOSFET transistors commutating electromagnets


TBH extraction systems for your processes

Medical Applications

Medical treatments with laser let harmful smoke particles arise, which are for the doctor as well as for the patients very debilitating. Therefore, a contamination-free environment with an effective extracting solution is crucial. 

Product data

Common data, devices and specifications of the series

Operates very quietly (about 60 db(A))

Protection Class 1

Brushless Engine

Fully assembled with casters for mobile use

Filter equipment

Power cable

Devices and technical data

RF 230

Technical dataUnitRF 230
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsRF 230
Pre-filter mat (M5)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon/BAC filter
GL 230 & GL 265

RF 10

Technical dataUnitRF 10
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsRF 10
Pre-filter mat (M5)
2-stage filter (particle filter H13 + activated carbon filter)
BF 10 standard

BF 9 Set-D

Technical dataUnitBF 9 Set-D
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 9 Set-D
Pre-filter mat (M5)
2-stage filter (particle filter H13 + activated carbon filter)

BF 10 Set-D

Technical dataUnitBF 10 Set-D
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 10 Set-D
Pre-filter mat (M5)
2-stage filter (particle filter H13 + activated carbon filter)


Completing TBH devices easily for even more flexibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because according to the current state of knowledge the coronavirus has a size of max. 20-160nm and is therefore larger than laser particles (>=10nm), for which our systems are currently mainly used. TBH filter and extraction systems can effectively extract coronaviruses and filter them out of the air. This prevents the viruses from spreading through the air and settling on surfaces through which people can be indirectly infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

H13 filters from TBH are tested in accordance with DIN EN 1822 and therefore offer safe quality. They filter 99.95% of all harmful particles (0.1-0.3µm), including coronaviruses. In comparison, a mask of class FFP3, in accordance with DIN EN 149, only retains 98% * of these particles (0.6µm). The DGUV recommends using an extraction for personal protection before wearing suitable protective equipment. H13 filters offer sufficient protection. They have lower pressure loss,  compared to the H14 filter, and thus a better energy balance as well as a longer service life.

*Quelle: Berner Safety

Yes. The 99.95% separation efficiency in H13 filters relates to particles of the "most penetrating particle size" (short MPPS, or in German "most penetrating particle size"). These are particles, sizes between 0.1-0.3 µm, represent, the so-called “worst case” for the filter's separation efficiency. Particles that are outside this spectrum, i.e. larger or smaller, are 100% captured by the filters due to various physical effects (according to EN1822).

In general, filters are changed according to the filter status indicators on the system.

The following recommendation also applies to filter and extraction systems used in medicine, aesthetics and dental, regardless of the filter status display:


Replace pre filter mat
Replace main filter


The exchange takes place regardless of the filter status display for the following reasons:

Possible contamination of filter with viruses and the growth of fungi and bacteria on the surface. Biological contamination cannot be monitored via the filter display.

Saturation of the activated carbon with process gases and their aging (even with a low pollutant content). This cannot be monitored via the filter display.

When changing filters, do that in a separate room, wearing adequate PPE. Use a disposable pad when changing the filter. Put the used filter into the airtight transparent bag, which is included in the system`s delivery, and seal it.

TBH filter and extraction systems are not a medical device in accordance with §3 Art. 1 of the MPG (German Medical Products Law), because the systems do not come in contact with the patient. The systems extract the particles safely from the ambient air and serve primarily the occupational safety than patient’s safety. The systems have no therapeutically use. Therefore, they do not need a medical approval according to the European standard DIN EN 60601-1.

Yes, we have prapared a flyer for you. This TBH Corona protection PDF contains all information shown on this site.