InLine filter

Innovation to reduce costs in medical practices

Do you want to combine your high hygiene standards with cost savings? 
Take the chance now to test the new, revolutionary InLine filter.
You, as a loyal, long-term customer, can order the "Starter Kit" (1x InLine filter + 1x grille + 1x housing incl. hood) with 50% discount  (= € 39.75) until 31.12.2021.

Why should I change and get the InLine filter?

Overview of your advantages when buying the InLine filter

  • The InLine filter was developed specifically for your skin practice applications.
  • The InLine filter is smaller and more manageable than conventional hoods, larger than the suction tip and ensures optimal capture.
  • "Low noise" on the patient - The new InLine filter reduces noise and is more comfortable for patients and practice team. 
  • Minimizes internal contamination of the extraction system: The dirt particles that normally settle in the extraction arm are primarily retained by the InLine filter. As a result, the entire system is less polluted. 
  • Significantly reduced cleaning effort of the filter systems: the cost-saving InLine filter should be replaced once a week for hygienic reasons, because particles, bacteria and viruses primarily settle on the InLine filter. 
  • Extends the service life of the "High Tech" main filters. We recommend replacing the H13 HEPA filters and activated carbon filters every six months.


You can also order replacement InLine filters at a preferential price (offer until 31.12.2021): 

  • 10-pack at a preferential price of 28 € (previously 35 €).
  • Pack of 50 at a preferential price of € 135


All prices: Ex works without VAT

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