FPV 202

Extend runtime due to filter cleaning control

The filter cartridge pre-separator has been developed to increase significantly the runtime of a connected filter and extraction system of the LN / GL / TFS series. The system is equipped with a self-cleaning filter cartridge technology. Compressed air surges remove the dusts on the filter. A separate collection container captures the pollutants and thus relieves the built-in filter. The systems are ideally suited especially for large quantities of dry dust, and ensure effective separation. The system can be flexibly integrated into the overall system, by using the control electronics. Depending on the application, a special precoating powder can be used to enhance the filter lifetime in processes in which sticky particles need to be extracted.

Features and functions

Modular attachment, flexible usage and comfortable handling

Bedienelemente Absauganlage

Control elements

Easy to understand and use.

  • External start of the filter cleaning process

  • Parameterization access for the activation of customer functions

  • Visual and accoustic display of the filter saturation

  • Cleaning-in-progress indicator

  • Filter saturation indicator

Kontrollierte Absaugung

Inspiring control

Permanently full control over the system

  • Display that is viewing angle stable

  • Optical status detection visible from afar

  • Manual start of the filter-cartridge cleaning

  • Filter saturation indicator

  • Cleaning-in-progress indicator on the display

Werkzeugloser Filterwechsel

Tool-less filter change

Exchange fast and smoothly.

  • Requires no special skills

  • Simple

  • No tools necessary

  • Saves time

More features

Filter cleaning control

Effectively freeing the filter automatically from pollutants when it's saturated by blasts of compressed air.

  • Filter cartridge of dust class M

  • Antistatic microfiber surface (PES) polyester

  • Conductive PTFE coating protects against mechanical damage

  • Cleaning by compressed air surges

  • Less filter changes

  • Low cost

  • Robust against mechanical damage

Easy dust removal

Quick and clean removal possible

  • Easy to remove collection container

  • Dust bag for low-contamination dust removal


TBH extraction systems for your processes

Laser technology

Laser can be used to process metals, wood and plastics. Due to the versatility, companies are focusing intensively on laser technology. This generates unwanted byproducts in addition to increasing efficiency, regardless of type and performance. Our TBH systems ensure a safe extraction of fine dust and laser smoke.


Metal machining processes produce many chips. Milling, turning, drilling and grinding, form tiny particles that are often barely recognizable to the eye. Due to the thermal influence of the manufactured components, pollutants penetrate deep into the lungs and can lead to serious diseases.


Welding, grinding and cutting release very fine particles from the surface to be processed. When these dangerous substances break down on the lungs, they can trigger permanent incapacity to work. There must be efficient extraction of welding fumes to prevent this from happening.

Mechanical processing

Processes like grinding, deburring, milling, drilling,  or cutting, create dusts, vapors and gases.  These byproducts need to be extracted before these tiny particles can be inhaled. 

Metal processing

When working with metals, hazardous dusts are produced which are carcinogenic and pose a hazardous explosion. The extraction of metal dusts is therefore particularly important for protecting your health. TBH gives you even more flexibility with the mobile extraction.

Product data

Common data, devices and specifications of the series

2000 m3/h max. permissible air flow rate

16.2 m2 filter area

50 liter dust collector

Fully assembled

Casters for mobile use

Power cable

Devices and technical data

FPV 202

Technical dataUnitFPV 202
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsFPV 202
Cleanable BGIA C filter cartridge anti-static (dust class M)
FPV 202


Completing TBH devices easily for even more flexibility