Modular flexibility without limits

The Basic Filtration, or BF series for short, contains all essential functions of a filter and extraction system as a compact base model. The systems of the BF series can be equipped with various engine concepts and filters. The proven modular design of TBH with its many advantages is used. The differential pressure display monitors the saturation filter. All systems of the BF series have a particularly energy-saving blower, high negative pressure and powerful control electronics.

Features and functions

Modular attachment, flexible usage and comfortable handling

Werkzeugloser Filterwechsel

Tool-less filter change

Exchange fast and smoothly.

  • Requires no special skills

  • Simple

  • No tools necessary

  • Saves time

Absauganlage mit Aktivkohlefilter

Double adsorption power

The adsorption of the gaseous substances takes place with activated carbon (physical adsorption) and BAC granulate (chemical adsorption).

Additionally collecting a very wide range of gases and odors - > neutralization by chemical bonding with attached to the substrate reactant.


Captures harmful particles

Pollutants have no chance.

  • Low-contamination dust disposal

  • Molecular sieve against gaseous pollutants

  • Pipes /flexible hose/extraction arm

  • Air return or exhaust air duct

More features

Control elements

Easy to understand and use.

  • Change Run / Standby

  • Manual speed control

  • System status display

  • Power setting / hour counter display

  • Temperature / turbine error display

  • Filter status display

Inspiring control

Permanently full control of the system

  • especially developed as a basic model

  • includes all essential functions combined with an excellent price-performance ratio

  • developed in regard to the advantages of modular design

  • Visual and accoustic display of the filter saturation

  • Performance-setting indicator

Modular and flexible

Individually combinable to fit to many processes

  • different filters can be combined

  • adaptable to various processes and applications

  • many accessories available for an ideal extraction

Powerful engine

Electronically commutated engines for full performance and less energy consumption.

  • Wide range input 100 – 240 V

  • Brushless motor

  • Rotor made of permanent magnet

  • Stator of several windings

  • Bridge circuit of MOSFET transistors commutating electromagnets


Assurance in occupational and health safety

  • fulfills protection level for safe extraction and filtering required by TRGS 528 Directive
  • specifically tested by Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) in accordance with DIN ISO 15012-1 (2013) and 15012-4 (2016)
  • meets high safety requirements
  • safely filters smoke, vapours and dusts with particles in micrometer range
  • awarded W3 and DGUV seal
  • listed on "IFA positive list"


TBH extraction systems for your processes

Laser technology

Laser can be used to process metals, wood and plastics. Due to the versatility, companies are focusing intensively on laser technology. This generates unwanted byproducts in addition to increasing efficiency, regardless of type and performance. Our TBH systems ensure a safe extraction of fine dust and laser smoke.


In the process of soldering, two different materials are joined together by melting. They become one and so should your process become one with our extraction system. The installation of a system is very easy, and will help protecting you from any harmful particles, which are created in the process of soldering.


Manufacturers of electronic products work with small or tiny elements. Highly toxic materials such as arsenic or phosphorus are often used to modify the properties of semiconducting substances. Solvents on the microchips are used to remove contaminants that pose a burden on the environment and on employees.


Metal machining processes produce many chips. Milling, turning, drilling and grinding, form tiny particles that are often barely recognizable to the eye. Due to the thermal influence of the manufactured components, pollutants penetrate deep into the lungs and can lead to serious diseases.


Welding, grinding and cutting release very fine particles from the surface to be processed. When these dangerous substances break down on the lungs, they can trigger permanent incapacity to work. There must be efficient extraction of welding fumes to prevent this from happening.

Plastics processing

Almost every industry processes plastics these days. For the reliable extraction and filtration of abrasive dusts, or vapors, which occur during the processing of plastics, TBH systems are exactly the right solution. Let us convince you of our quality.

Textile processing

Clothes can lose small lint and threads. These are so light that they float in the air across the room and any movement whirls them up continuously. Especially in textile processing, a high concentration of these airborne fibers is given. There are also chemicals used, for example, when dyeing clothes which are mostly harmful to health and therefore have to be extracted.

Technical glass

Glass production is very hot. The high temperatures required for melting allow gases to rise, which contain large quantities of environmentally hazardous substances. The hot or cold terminal layer releases tin or titanium chlorides in the acid polishing, for example, hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid. These have to be necessarily extracted because they are harmful to human health.

Processes for working with vapours/gases

Gases are much harder to extract than solid particles. Due to their chemical structure, they can easily go through most filters. Special filters are needed to extract gases properly and reliably.

Medical Applications

Medical treatments with laser let harmful smoke particles arise, which are for the doctor as well as for the patients very debilitating. Therefore, a contamination-free environment with an effective extracting solution is crucial. 

Product data

Common data, devices and specifications of the series

Operates very quietly (about 60 db(A))

Protection Class 1

Brushless Engine

Fully assembled with casters for mobile use

Filter equipment

Power cable

Devices and technical data

BF 5

Technical dataUnitBF 5BF 5 A
Color (casing)-70357035
Filter configurationsBF 5BF 5 A
2-stage filter (particle filter H13 + activated carbon filter)-
Activated carbon/BAC filter-
BF 5 standardBF 5 A

BF 9

Technical dataUnitBF 9
Engine-Brushed Motor
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 9
2-stage filter (particle filter H13 + activated carbon filter)
BF 9

BF 10

Technical dataUnitBF 10BF 10 ABF 10 ZA
Color (casing)-703570357035
Filter configurationsBF 10BF 10 ABF 10 ZA
2-stage filter (particle filter H13 + activated carbon filter)- -
Z-line Filter (F7)- -
Activated carbon/BAC filter-
BF 10 standardBF 10 ABF 10 ZA

BF 100

Technical dataUnitBF 100
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 100
Pre-filter mat (M5)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon/BAC filter
BF 100 & BF 1000

BF 200

Technical dataUnitBF 200
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 200
Z-Linepanel Plus Filter (F7)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon/BAC filter
BF 200 & BF 1200

BF 1000

Technical dataUnitBF 1000
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 1000
Pre-filter mat (M5)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon/BAC filter
BF 100 & BF 1000

BF 1200

Technical dataUnitBF 1200
Color (casing)-7035
Filter configurationsBF 1200
Z-Linepanel Plus Filter (F7)
Particle filter (H13)
Activated carbon/BAC filter
BF 200 & BF 1200


Completing TBH devices easily for even more flexibility