Press release

Protection from the invisible danger

Extraction cabinet for laboratory and workshop

STRAUBENHARDT - At this year's intec, the trade fair for manufacturing and automation technology in Leipzig, TBH GmbH presents solutions for the removal of hazardous pollutants in the air from 5 to 8 February. As a manufacturer of filtration and extraction systems, TBH will be presenting the DT 100/150 extraction cabinet in addition to a selection of mobile filter and extraction systems. With its height-adjustable work surface and integrated protective screen, it has been specially optimized for laboratory and workshop use.

The extraction cabinet consists of a basic model and can be extended with any collection and extraction attachments. The adjustable protective disc ensures a clear view of the work surface and thus allows optimal use of the work area. Harmful particles that arise during the working process remain in the closed working area and are then sucked directly downwards through various filters. To monitor these saturation filters, the system has a differential pressure display. If a defined value is reached, the filters should be replaced.

The extraction cabinet is mainly used for cleaning with solvents, transfer work (such as powder, granules and liquids) as well as for gluing and painting work. There are dangerous gases and vapors that cause long-term irreparable damage in the human body. The fine aerosols first penetrate into the narrow ramifications of the lungs and continue to migrate into the bloodstream. Over that they spread themselves throughout the body and get stuck.

Many employers and employees underestimate the risk, as visible health problems often only appear after ten or more years. The particles are also so small that the eye can not see them. For example, the high concentration of very fine particles in the spray mist is particularly treacherous during painting work. Most existing ventilation systems whirl up these particles in the ambient air again and again instead of removing them. But only the reliable extraction and filtering of these harmful particles protects the health of the employees as well as the environment and machines.