Press release

New hygiene concept tested and approved

Independent and accredited test laboratory tested and approved TBH's new hygiene concept

STRAUBENHARDT - An independent, accredited test laboratory in the field of technical cleanliness has tested and approved the effectiveness of the new hygiene concept by extraction system manufacturer TBH GmbH from the Black Forest for its DF series extraction systems. The test laboratory CleanControlling Medical GmbH & Co. KG in Emmingen-Liptingen looked into the optical cleanliness as well as the cleaning and disinfection of the extraction arm, the InLine patient filter and the socket pipe of the DF series in three test runs each. The testing also included measuring the total germ count on the surface of the test items.

So-called bioburden, populations of viable microorganisms, can remain on or in a product. Proper cleaning is therefore just as relevant for optimum protection as extracting and filtering harmful particles. These enter the filters of the system via the capture element, the extraction arm and the socket pipe. Even the smallest residues can stay in the elements. A germ-free cleanliness is necessary particularly in the medical environment, such as in dental practices, for which the InLine patient filter was developed to capture harmful particles directly at the patient.

For this reason, TBH GmbH developed a hygiene concept, which removes all contamination of the system completely – in only a few simple steps, quickly and easily. Thus, extraction systems of the DF series from TBH increase the protection in comparison to using a "simple" mobile extraction system. The modular design of the systems allows individual adaptation to the practices’ needs as well and thus ensures the best possible protection for patients, staff and physicians.

"All contaminated test items were free of visible contamination and had protein contamination below the threshold level," the laboratory's present test report states. According to the report, the viable germ load decreased by at least six sizes after disinfection, thus meeting the criteria for evaluation.

More information as well as the video with the cleaning steps are on the TBH website "InLine patient filter against aerosols".