Press release

New hygiene concept ensures more safety in dental practices

TBH has now developed a solution to improve protection against aerosols and particle emissions.

STRAUBENHARDT - TBH GmbH from Straubenhardt has recently been ensuring a higher standard of hygiene and safety for dentists and other medical treatments with its extraction systems of the DF series and the brand new InLine patient filters. In times of Corona, many patients avoid going to the dentist. They fear having an increased risk of infection from aerosols. As an expert in filter and extraction systems, TBH has now developed a solution to improve protection against aerosols and particle emissions in medical treatments.

Since patients cannot wear a face covering during dental treatment, TBH has developed a way to eliminate aerosols at the point of origin, and avoid them from spreading in the room. Other safety measures, like rinsing mouths with an antiseptic solution, do not remove all bacteria from the oral cavity and only work for a limited time. Shields do help, but, after a short time, they are full of splashes, which impair the dentist’s vision. In addition, patients remain largely unprotected.

Air-conditioning systems installed in the treatment rooms can even transport aerosols several meters through the rooms and thus endanger even more patients. TBH attended to this issue and developed the InLine patient filter for its filter and extraction systems. It serves as capture element of a centralized or decentralized filter and extraction system and has the size of a dental lamp. The filter can be positioned close to the patient as easily as the lamp. It enables aerosols and emissions generated during treatment being captured in a targeted and efficient manner. Aerosols, viruses and bacteria from the patient's mouth enter the filter integrated in the capture element. This prevents the emissions from penetrating and settling inside the extraction arm. The standard downstream H13 (HEPA) particle filter reliably filtrates viruses and bacteria and, in combination with activated carbon, ensures clean air.

For changing the InLine patient filter, everything that needs to be done is removing the top cover. The filter can be removed from the element and disposed with an extra polybag. The InLine patient filter is supplied with four covers to use interchangeably in a timely manner. In addition, the InLine patient filter protects connected filter and extraction systems from depositions in extraction arms, pipes and hoses and thus makes an important contribution to hygiene.

This new and so far unique hygiene concept ensures more safety for doctors and patients. It minimizes the transfer risk of bacteria and viruses directly at the point of origin as well as the cleaning effort for the system’s environment, since considerably fewer emissions are released into the air. The system reduces significantly the necessary cleaning frequencies of the extraction arms as well as the filter and extraction system. Changing other filters in the extraction system is much less often necessary.

Of course, TBH GmbH also has its hygiene requirements validated on its systems. Further information at or Tel.: 07082 9473-0.