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Protection against particulate matter in work places

Particulate matter is not only in the air of big cities, but arises in various working processes as well. The more a person inhales it, the higher are the risks of getting lung cancer.

When hearing or reading the word lung cancer, many people often think of a smoker. However, cigarettes are not the lone cause of the disease. After inhalation, not only the actively perceived particles in the air enter the body, but also the allegedly invisible ones like those in fine dust.

The smallest particles are especially dangerous. House dust is often only visible after it has settled on the surfaces of furniture and objects. The body succeeds in retaining that with its own filters such as the nostril hair. However, particulate matter is entirely different. It is especially fine and much smaller. Without active protective measures, it can penetrate into the body without hindrance.

Particulate matter is not solely in the ambient air of various big cities, but also arises in production halls. In high-energy processes, such as working with lasers, very fine particles detach from the machined surface. It melts and evaporates at the point of pulse admittance. This releases smallest particles of only a few nanometers.

The danger of inhaling these particles is permanently present if they are not extracted from the air. They are so small and light that they are whirled up in the air continuously and never settle. The suspended particles, that have a size smaller than 2.5μm, can penetrate into the lungs and in the worst case cause lung cancer. When particles are smaller than 0.1μm, they are ultrafine and can even enter the bloodstream through the alveoli. In comparison, the size of fine sand is about 90μm.

The only protection is a filter and extraction system. This absorbs the contaminated air and passes it through the integrated filters, on which the particles settle in a controlled manner. A ventilation system only distributes these particles, instead of offering actual protection. The modular design of TBH GmbH filter and extraction systems allow individual customization to various processes and requirements.

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