Industry sectors

We developed filter and extraction systems for different requirements

Different systems require different filter equipment and accessories, depending on the machines and working environment. Please choose your sector and find an overview of series suitable for them. Every system is different inside. In case you have questions or are uncertain which system is the right one for you, please feel free to send us an email. 


Interdisciplinary thinking is essential for an engineer. Constructing and developing new technologies can create new processes, which can also release harmful particles, e.g. during welding. At your job you have a high responsibilty. We make it our high responsibility to keep you and your machines safe. 

Electronics manufacturing

Small or tiny elements and components are used when producing electronics. These can often contain highly toxic materials such as arsenic or phosphorus. For removing contaminants from microchips, some solventens can become health risks and another burden on the environment and employees. Our filter and extraction systems will protect you from inhaling these particles.


Any kind of pharmaceutical is extremely sensitive. Even a tiny particle can be dangerous and contaminate the product. TBH filter and extraction systems ensure a safe and clean work environment. They extract and filter all harmful particles from the air before they can be dangerous to your health and to the medicine produced or examined. 


Patients come to you, when they feel unwell. They trust you and expect a clean environment. They want to be safe. We help you with that. Applications such as x-rays also release unhealthy radiation. Before any form of contamination takes place, a TBH filter and extraction system keeps the ambient air contaminated-free and your patients and you safe. 


You need to be careful and cautious when preserving the cultural heritage. The older an artifact gets, the more fragile it becomes over the years. Cleaning these historic sculptures or paintings can release tiny particles which should not be inhaled. Our extraction systems filter the polluted particles safely from the air without damaging the artifacts. 

Small trade

Small trade exist in almost all industries. Different manufacturing processes, machines and materials demand various requirements. To ensure the ability of adapting our systems ideally to your processes, you can arrange an individual appointment for consultation right away. We will gladly create customized solutions for you.

Trading partner

Exchanging knowledge and supporting each other with different skills strenghtens the business relations. By expanding your network or cooperating with trading partners, the companies can reach more potential customers. When producing new products, different processes require different filter and extraction systems. We have the right one for you. 


Shorter production cyles require more assembly lines in manufacturing companies. The more machines, the more exhaust fumes are in the air. You have to stand next to these machines, when putting single parts together. Therefore you need a TBH filter and extraction system to keep you from inhaling these toxic substances.