Extracting solutions
for machining plastics

Mechanical processing of plastics, such as drilling or polishing, produces abrasive dusts or fumes and makes an extraction essential. Finding the right filter and extraction system for plastics processing is crucial, as it must be equipped with the right filters and set up correctly.

Our extraction solutions for machining plastics

Anlage für große Mengen an Staub

FP 150 series

The FP 150 filter cartridge extraction system is equipped with a self-cleaning filter cartridge.

industrielle Entstaubung FP200

FP 200 series

The FP 200 is suitable for industrial dust removal.


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Lösung für Staub und Späne

dry (metal)

spanende Bearbeitung nass

wet (metal)

Hohe Staubmengen

High amounts of dust
dry dusts