Environmental protection

Environmental protection is very important. Since 1992, TBH GmbH has been ensuring pollutant-free process air in almost all work areas. Therefore, our claim is “Protection for people, environment and machinery”.
Our contribution to the energy transition begins at the company headquarters in Straubenhardt. Sustainable production and climate neutrality are top priorities at TBH. We are currently making plans for shipping, which will be implemented shortly, to reach this goal. We want our production to be climate-neutral by the year 2030. We are striving to reduce our CO² emissions by 30% by more effective trip planning. New technology allows TBH to make video calls for consultations. Remote maintenance and diagnostics are possible as well.
Umweltmanagement TBH
TBH GmbH already has e-bike leasing for employees, charging stations for electric vehicles and a photovoltaic system on its roof to generate green electricity. Office employees have the possibility to work occasionally from home. Within the company, we pay attention to environmentally friendly packaging, reducing plastic waste, and separating waste strictly. When it comes to electricity, we rely on energy-saving solutions such as LEDs. We compensate CO² by participating in compensation programs such as Forest Finance.