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For your health protection at your workplace

The Occupational Safety Concept is relevant for each forward-thinking company. An increasing number of people work in closed rooms und spend the most time of their days in there. Therefore, the employer has to observe requirements according to workplace regulations. These depend on the current technological standards, as well as the Occupational Healthcare and corporate hygiene. Technical responsible workers have to observe economical and legal regulations and combine them with effective employee protection.

Are you exposed to industrial hazardous substances? Do you protect yourself effectively? A sole aerating system is often not enough, because it only whirls up particles in the room. Only filter and extraction systems ensure effective protection, because they pull the hazardous substances directly at the place of origin from the air and keep them in its filters.

The employer has to provide pollution-free air at the workplace by law. Especially with welding fume, only systems have to be used which carry the seal “approved against hazardous substances according to welding fume efficiency class W3”. If not, an inspection will lead to shut down the production line or even the workplace. Protecting and keeping the employee’s health at the workplace is that important, and diverse. Those are the reasons many companies inform extensively about potential dangers at the workplace and actions for preventing accidents at the trade fair A+A from November 5 – 8 in Düsseldorf, Germany. You will find TBH in Hall 7, booth C07. There we will answer all your questions concerning “safely extracting hazardous substances at the workplace”.

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