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"Flying high" reliably due to modern extraction technology

Flying is the dream of many people. Our customer, Mr. Ralf Grüner (Grüner CNC-Service), has fulfilled himself exactly that with his models.

He is among experts and connoisseurs a well-known size with his products in the field of aircraft model construction by now.

With the help of his CNC laser systems, he produces model airplane sets made of natural wood materials. Their production lets strong odors arise as well as soot and dust particles. He uses three of our TFS systems to protect himself and his equipment.

The TFS 1000plus extraction system extracts the dangerous laser dust from two CNC laser cabins above the cutting surface with a large air volume of up to 850m³ / h. Each laser cuts several meters of wood material per day, with material thicknesses between 0,4 and six millimeters.

Another TFS 500plus for each laser system ensures safe removal of the coarser pollutants and particles below the laser cutting bed by high negative pressure performance (15,000 Pa). Through this combination, our customer achieves an optimal extraction solution, which neutralizes the resulting loads on thick smoke particles and unpleasant odors.

The very large filter surfaces of the TFS offers high filter service lives and allows our customers to work at low operating costs, as well as process-reliable with their laser systems. The cable remote controls provide a comfortable power regulation and report the filter condition of the extraction systems, too.

Our TBH service and maintenance contract ensures an annual inspection of the extraction systems, which thereby extends its economic life. This service offers our customers additional attractive conditions regarding to replacement filters and wear parts.

We are thanking Mr. Grüner for his trust and are looking forward to a long-term cooperation.

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