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Extraction solutions against oil mist

From January 21 – 24, 2020, we will welcome you at NORTEC in hall A4, booth 245 in Hamburg.

At the fair, everything will be about future-orientated technologies and innovative manufacturing solutions. Our OEN series will be in focus, because we developed it especially for applications, which let oil and emulsion dust arise. Rapid rotations in machining cause high temperatures, which makes using cooling lubricants indispensable. Without its use machines and tools would overheat and get damaged. The combination of rotary motions and high temperatures leads to vaporization of liquids used for cooling.

This will cause fine oil mist from time to time. Many small particles in the air minimize not only the field of vision, but also settle down on surrounding surfaces. That will cause slippery floors, polluted machines. Fine liquid particles as well as germs and bacteria contaminate the breathing air when opening the machining center. We developed the OEN series to protect employees from these particles in the air. Besides cleaning air from oil mist particles, the molecular sieve removes gaseous substances safely from the air. Due to the particle filter (filter class 14) an additional safe air return in the work place is possible.

In case you have an application which let arise oil and emulsion mist, please come to us. We will be glad giving you advice.

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