Special filter concept increasing the service life of the system

Back of a SafeLine filter

Specifically for the application in TFS 1000, the filters used were optimized regarding both handling and the system´s service life. For this purpose, the SafeLine filters are mounted into a closed filter housing which can easily be closed during the filter replacement thus effectively protecting the operator against the filtered matters they contain. The special design allows heavy particles to settle at the bottom of the filter without clogging the filter surface. Ultimately, the combination of the huge filter surface and optimum inflow into the filter packages ensures the long service life.

In order to meet the constantly growing safety requirements of our customers, particularly in the area of laser welding, the TFS 1000 is equipped with an H14 particle filter (99,995% in accordance with DIN EN 1822). This filter even facilitates the separation of ultra-fine particles and enables the recirculation of the cleaned air to the work area. At the activated-carbon/BAC step of filtration, gaseous substances are separated from the air previously cleaned from particles. For an increased service life, the complete airflow inside the filter was now modified thus reducing the flow rates and optimizing the contact time of air and granulate. As a result, the service life of the filter was increased significantly.