Laser processing

Apart from that, other hazardous substances than particles and aerosols are released. They partly consist of alloy material in case metals are being machined; machining of organic material will generate a number of new substances by means of chemical reactions that are initiated by the laser beam's energy. Additionally, additives such as colourants or flame retardants are released and will undergo chemical reactions. This way, a number of new hazardous material is being created, including some especially toxic substances.

Machined materialGenerated hazardous
substances (Selection)
Natural materialBenzol, Styrol, Toluol
MetalAcetone, Chromate, Nickel
PlasticsFormaldehyde, Benzol


To put it altogether, efficient and well-adapted air filtration is absolutely necessary. Some emissions are dangerous to water and environment, whereas most of them will directly or indirectly impair health and workplace quality.