The TFS-series is the result of intensive development efforts and is used either in laser marking or in laser engraving applications but also in other applications with medium / high dust content. The systems are characterized by their large filter surface and its intelligent system design.


  • Laser machining with 30-150W CO2 lasers and 10-50W solid-state lasers (fibre lasers and crystal lasers) respectively with a working surface of 1500 x 1000 mm
  • Work processes with sticky/dampish dust
  • Work processes with vapours/gases

Functional Principle

The process air is drawn from the place of origin into the system – e.g. by means of a suction hose. Once it is inside the system, it passes the intake socket to reach the SafeLine prefilter developed specifically for the TFS-series. This allows optimum inflow across the whole filter surface thus reducing losses within the filter. In addition, the filter was optimized for low-contamination filter replacement. Once it passed the prefilter, the air then reaches the particle filter (H14 in accordance with DIN EN 1822). It separates smallest particles from the process air thus allowing circulating the air back to the work area later on. Once the harmful particles have been separated, the air is led to the activated-carbon/BAC filter separating gaseous substances and collecting odours. In order to optimize the separation performance and to increase the service life, the whole activated-carbon unit has been completely reworked thus optimizing it significantly. After passing this last step of the filtration process, the air is returned to the work area by means of the high-performance blower and passing the acoustic insulation of the system´s exhaust vent.