Protect yourself, your staff, and your patients with TBH Extraction- and Filtration Systems. In the laser surgery aerosols will be generated with a particle size of 0,1µ - 2µm. Those laser aerosols (LGAC = Laser Generated Air- boune Contaminants) consist of serveral parts of human fabric.  This one being removed from the fabric explosively as a steam or gas mixture. Dangers start out from microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi. These have a particle size of smaller than 2µ and can be completely breathing in and therefore are deposited in the lungs. There is an acute infection risk with that for the operating staff and patient.

Please keep in mind, that the surgery facemask doesn’t offer protection in front of air-supported particles. Up to 25% of the respiratory is passing the facemask! It was developed around the patient to protect him from an airborne infection by the operation staff.


  • Cosmetic surgery (Skin removal, Hair removal, Alteration of epidermis)
  • HF surgery
  • Dental medicine
  • Endoscopy


Functional Principle

The contaminated air is collected by the collection unit (extractor hood, suction arm, hose, etc.) and transported into the filter unit directly or through a pipe or flexible hose. In the filter unit, the contaminant particles are filtered into different filter levels according to their size. Filter units that are equipped with a molecular sieve (for example activated carbon filters/BAC) remove the majority of gaseous contaminants. Afterwards the purified air can either be circulated back into the work area or diverted outdoors through an exhaust duct. Recirculating the air in the work area is a way to easily reduce energy costs.