TBH GmbH offers a special product range for the wide variety of dental applications. The systems were developed for the ceramic, plastic and metal dusts with particles from 0.5 to 10┬Ám that are created by dental milling, grinding and laser welding processes.

Depending on the specific application and requirements, customers can choose systems from the BASIC or the PROFESSIONAL line. This provides an optimal solution with the necessary system functions and an excellent price/performance ratio.

The devices are available with different extraction concepts, filter configurations and operating options. The TBH modular device design and all of its advantages were also a focus during the development of thi


  • Laser processing
  • Grinding
  • CAD/CAM Milling


Functional Principle

The contaminated air is collected by the collection unit (extractor hood, suction arm, hose, etc.) and transported into the filter unit directly or through a pipe or flexible hose. In the filter unit, the contaminant particles are filtered into different filter levels according to their size. An optional cyclone pre-separator can be installed upstream to reduce the filter replacement costs by up to 80%, depending on the specific application and the size of the particles. Afterwards the purified air can either be circulated back into the work area or diverted outdoors through an exhaust duct. Recirculating the air in the work area is an easy way to reduce energy costs.