The systems of the OEN series were specially designed for the extraction of oil and emulsion mist. They are used wherever there is a need for extraction at industrial baths or in the metalworking industry. Depending on the application, you can use various filter configurations that allow for extraction of pure oil/emulsion mist or a combined extraction with particles.


  • Metalworking with oil/emulsion mist (drilling, milling, lathing, eroding. etc.)
  • Industrial baths
  • Work processes with a high aerosol content in the process air
  • OEN 150/155 for individual workstation extraction, OEN 710 for multi-workstation extraction

Functional Principle

A flexible hose is used to transport the contaminated air into the filter unit. There the contaminant particles and aerosol particulates (depending on the application) are filtered out according to their size by means of a multi-level saturation filter system (medium/high particle content) or a special filter cartridge (no/low particle content). The separated oil/emulsion mist can be easily disposed of via the collection tank.* The standard particle filter allows you to then circulate the cleaned air back into the work area. Recirculating the air is an easy way to reduce energy costs.

* (OEN 150/155) or drained via the drain valve (OEN 710)