The downdraft table DT100/DT150 was specially designed for use in laboratories and workshops. It can be used wherever painting (e.g. spot repair), gluing (solvents) or decanting takes place. The downdraft table was designed as a base unit to which different hoods can be attached. The DT150 was specially designed according to ATEX principles and is suitable for zones 22 (dust) and 2 (gas).


  • Painting work (e.g. spot repair)
  • Gluing processes (solvents)
  • Cleaning work (solvents)
  • Transferring materials (e.g. powders, granulates or liquids)

Functional Principle

The system collects dusts and gases that are generated during work in the cabinet. They are sucked downwards and passed through the prefilter (F5) into the downstream particle filter (H13), where even very fine particles (0.1-0.3 μm) are filtered out reliably. The gaseous substances are then deposited or neutralised in the activated carbon/BAC filter.

The installed filters can be changed to meet the individual application.