Suction arms and hoods of the Alsident System

TBH GmbH has been distributing Alsident's products in Germany for many years and offers the full range of products in the field of source extraction.

Alsident System A/S is the world's leading manufacturer of source extraction for more than 30 sectors. The wide range of products corresponds to various requirements and has been adapted to the specific areas of application.

Area of application

The suction arms and hoods are used to collect pollutants directly, right at their point of origin (source extraction). Their high degree of flexibility allows them to be adapted to each individual application. Please contact your TBH sales team regarding your specific application.

Alsident suction arms

Source extraction during the working process, right at the contaminant's point of origin, is the most efficient way of collecting hazardous substances. Alsident System's suction arms are constructed to be self-supporting, whereby the threaded pins and springs are located within the arm. This makes the suction arm very easy to handle and position at the contaminant's point of origin. It is also possible to install the suction arms in a TBH extraction and filtration unit. The arm can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools.

All of Alsident System's suction arms are manufactured from high-quality materials which makes maintenance easy and ensures a long service life. This is why all plastic parts are made of shock-proof polypropylene (PP), all aluminium parts are anodised, all accessories parts are powder-coated, threaded pins and springs in the suction arm are made of acid-proof, stainless steel and why all of the O-rings are designed to be maintenance-free.