2017 Laser fair in Munich

Like two years ago, TBH GmbH was at the “Laser World of Photonics” fair in Munich as an exhibitor in 2017 as well. A lot of interested people from Europe, Asia and America stepped by our booth to be informed about our products, their differences, the way they work, and the reasons why extraction and filter systems are that important. The live demonstration of a laser cabin with optimised contaminants collector turned into a crowd puller particularly attracting the attention of many fair visitors. Potential customers had a closer look at it and wanted to know more about the technology behind the system.

Important facts concering safety and environmental protection left many visitors speechless. Most of them had no clue which kind of emissions and particles are freed during their laser processes and which potential health risks they can cause. During laser soldering of aluminium, for example, toxic gases and steams are created which can settle at the lung and cause bronchitis or even aluminosis. The particles of aluminium oxide are only about the size of 400 nanometres small. A live demonstration visualised the way the system extracts polluted air. A fog machine made the dust visible. Visitors were able to see how much smoke is released into the air once the extraction arm is displaced, that is, if the steam is not extracted correctly.

Because of the many interesting conversations, lots of new contacts were made and already existing ones were intensified. All of this made our visit to the specialist fair a very successful one again this year. The TBH team thus thanks all visitors to the booth at the fair: Thank you! We are looking forward to seeing you again at the next “Laser World of Photonics” in June 2019 in Munich.