Latest Press Releases

  • New management at the TBH GmbH

    Since TBH GmbH was founded as an independent and owner-managed company located in Straubenhardt (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) in 2002, the company has evolved into one of the leading suppliers of extraction and filter technology for industrial and medical applications thanks to the high quality and reliability of its products. Nowadays, TBH products complying with both international and local quality standards are used in more than 80 countries around the world. More

  • The new centrepiece of TBH filter and extraction systems INSPIRE control electronics

    The TBH GmbH, leading manufacturer of filter and extraction systems, presents its completely new INSPIRE control electronics. As a result of intense development work, the new centrepiece of TBH filter and extractions systems is now ready for operation from December 2015 onwards. In future, all of the TBH systems will be equipped with the new control electronics. That pays off as the new control board combines both easy operation and an appealing design.

    During the development of the control board, the main focus was on creating a design as lean and manageable as possible thus easing the operation for the customer. More

  • TBH GmbH donates an extraction system to Makerspace Leipzig BF 100 filter system for the removal of pollutants arising during laser cutting

    Makerspace Leipzig – the interactive workshop open to anyone who likes tinkering, developing and advancing his/her own projects. The members of this society are between 14 and 69 years old and include both students preparing and working out their own startup as well as former executives from the industrial and research sectors supporting the members of the society and interested parties with their extensive knowledge.

    In this manner, the society’s laboratory is used for work on exciting laser projects, for instance. Of course, the success of these projects also depends on both the technical and the peripheral equipment. More

  • Mobile extraction and filter systems for laser applications For space-saving operation of laser markers

    TBH GmbH presents the new generation of the GL Desk extraction and filter systems for use in laser applications. The system is the result of thorough development. It was specifically designed for its application as base unit for small laser markers. It combines the extraction and filter function with the advantages of a work bench. Just like the TFS 1000 extraction and filter system, which has recently been presented, the GL Desk series is now also equipped with the new INSPIRE control electronics. More

  • TBH DT 100/150 downdraft table

    The compact DT 100/150 downdraft table by TBH GmbH was developed as a combination of a standing workstation with an integrated extraction system. It is mainly used for the extraction of dusts and gases arising at certain working processes – e.g. when decanting or filling solid or liquid substances within a protective enclosure. It is particularly suitable for applications in workshops, laboratories and at the production of electronic components. More