Dear customers and interested parties,

for many years, Europe has been a pioneering trendsetter in the areas of industrial safety and health protection. It is thus no surprise, our customers’ requirements concerning extraction and filter technology, particularly for laser and welding applications, increase steadily.

In order to meet our customers’ safety requirements even better, TBH has complemented its product range by different extraction and filter systems specifically tested by the German
Institut für Arbeitsschutz (IFA)
[Institute for Occupational Safety and Health] in accordance with DIN ISO 15012-1 (2013). They meet the requirements of the welding-fumes discharge class “W3” as described at the mentioned standard. This makes them particularly suitable for the separation of particles arising when welding steels with alloy percentages exceeding 30 % – e.g. nickel and chrome alloys.

These TBH systems thus meet the required conditions described in TRGS (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances) 528, paragraph 4.5: “air return”. That is, safe returning of air to workplaces used for welding or similar tasks emitting carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (CMR) substances of the categories 1 and 2.

As an expert on the area of extraction and filter systems, we thus contribute to human and environmental safety as well as to the safety of machinery. In order to ease the internal approval checks at your company, we would be pleased to provide your company’s safety officers with the corresponding verifications and certificates regarding our systems. In addition, all of our systems are marked with the “W3” label described in TRGS 528.