Newsletter Issue 1/2014

Invitation to LASYS

LASYS will take place from 24 to 26 June 2014 in Stuttgart. It is the primary platform for presenting solutions for laser applications and laser technologies. At TBH, our motto is “Safety through a spark trap and an automatic CO₂ extinguishing system”.

The development engineers at TBH have fitted our filter systems with a number of safety devices to ensure that the unit does not fail or become damaged in the event of a fire. A generously sized spark trap that acts as a pre-separator prevents smouldering particles form getting into the actual filter system. Moreover, the system is equipped with a fully automatic CO₂ extinguishing system which can safely interrupt the process. Meaning, for example, that it optimally meets the safety requirements of well-known automotive man ufacturers. If required, the unit can also optionally be connected to the fire alarm control centre of the plant fire brigade.

Visit our booth for more information. Our technical consultants are happy to show you the FP150/CO₂ extraction system as well as other new developments from TBH. We would be happy to give you complimentary tickets for your visit to the trade fair. Visit us at the LASYS 2014 in hall 4, booth B42.

Circulation and exhaust air ventilation in extraction systems for critical
dust emissions

“What needs to be kept in mind when extracted air is to be recirculated in workspaces?”

In light of the characteristics of air-borne contaminant particles, this question is of particular importance. That is because, during welding work and similar processes in particular (for example laser material processing), carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic emissions can be produced.

As a detailed set of guidelines, the Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances (TRHS) offer comprehensive and authoritative information about when and under which circumstances v entilation systems with air return can be used.

Generally, the operator is responsible for the risk assessment for the selection and use of extraction systems based on his machining processes. The operator must carry out organizational measures and technical precautions to protect the health of his employees.

TBH offers extraction and filter systems that are already state-of-the-art in the design phase. For example, H14 particle filters are integrated into our extraction systems as an additional filter level or policing filter module, and we also offer complete exhaust equipment systems for releasing the cleaned air outdoors.

This means that our customers don’t just get a safe product, they get an individualized extraction and filter system that guarantees the necessary and required level of safety in their pre-defined machining process.